CENTRIO - the effective solution for spin testing

Spin tests are among the standard procedures in the development of eDrives. The tests provide information on the load capacity of the rotor under the influence of centrifugal forces. Typical applications include the examination of bursting strength, expansion measurements for the analysis of elastic and plastic deformation or LCF tests (creep tests) for analyzing material fatigue on eDrive rotors.

The Centrio spin-testing rigs are proven test rigs that stand out with their simple operation and superior safety standards. Tests can be conducted at speeds of up to 250,000 min-1 depending on rotor weight and dimensions. The test rig contains a vacuum-sealed container with an integrated burst guard that absorbs the fragment energy when a rotor bursts.

Testing capacities are significantly expanded with additional equipment: For example, to simulate thermal load, temperatures from -265° C to 1000° C are generated. With telemetry or slip ring systems measurement data on the rotor can be transmitted during the test run. High-speed video cameras allow detailed observation and analysis of the rotor under load.

Because of the very good noise insulation, the spin-testing rigs can be operated without additional noise protection measures.

Solutions for testing and balancing eDrives

From the very first eDrive prototype you must be sure that it runs with low oscillations and is sufficiently speed-resistant that it does not burst on the first attempted drive. Knowledge of the behavior of rotors under loads is indispensable in avoiding this worst-case scenario. Spin-testing rigs allow a variety of tests on the behavior of your rotor under the influence of centrifugal forces, the results of which provide information on the capabilities of your rotor. And what about balancing? Particularly those prototypes that are mostly produced manually have to be balanced with great precision before the first use. Our manual solutions in the Pasio series are ideally suited for this.

Quality and reliability from the very start of development

The two balancing machines in the Pasio series each cover a practical weight range. The smaller of the two, the Pasio 15SC, is ideal for the smaller hybrid rotors up to a rotor weight of 15 kg. The significantly heavier, fully electrical drives are perfectly balanced on the Pasio 50. Both machines with their non-magnetic equipment are insensitive to the strong magnetic fields of drive rotors with magnets. The measurement results are therefore not influenced. The heavily oscillation-damping cast mineral machine frame of both machines makes them non-sensitive to external interference and vibrations – a foundation or anchor is not required.

Both Pasios are equipped with the ultra-modern Save Control controller, which permanently coordinates and monitors many machine functions. You are therefore always highly informed of the status of the machine and can respond individually.

Many other rotors can of course also be easily and precisely balanced on both universal balancing machines.

CAB measurement technology – Guarantee for precision and innovation

For the Pasio series, we offer our measurement devices CAB 820 and CAB 920 as an equipment version. Common to both is the consistent operating philosophy, the precision in measurement value processing as well as the clear and detailed display. It processes the measurement signals and indicates the size and angle position of the imbalance numerically and directly in the vector diagram. With permanent calibration, all you have to do is input a small amount of geometrical data to configure the measuring equipment to a new rotor.

Pasio 15SC – the right balancing machine for light weights

The Pasio 15SC is always the right choice when you want to perfectly balance a broad rotor spectrum up to 15 kg. It requires very little space and can be started very quickly. Your convenient single-hand overslung belt mechanism offers simple storage of the rotor in the machine and the overall ergonomic design allows reliable and error-free balancing.

Pasio 50SC – the all-rounder of balancing machines

The Pasio 50SC is the second generation of our large Pasio series. It is designed for rotors up to 50 kg with a maximum rotor diameter of 600 mm and a length of 1000 mm. It covers a practical rotor range that is frequently encountered in research and development and in the production plant. The sophisticated mechanics and superior measurement technology enable residual imbalances of less than 0.5 gmm per balancing plane and thus also a very high imbalance reduction ratio.

Whether it's a prototype, pre or small series – The two Pasios are always the right solution for high precision and comfortable balancing of eDrives.